Our Process …

Easy Technology Solutions is always on a spree to help the customers with an integrated service approach so that you are assured of our expert help since the commencement till the final lap of your project. We follow a seven-step approach discussed here.

Research and Analysis

All the clients are attended individually and a detailed interaction follows to achieve an effective understanding of the client’s business niche, marketing strategies, and promotional expectations. It’s to ensure that the client gets a bespoke work just as per their ideas, well optimized according to the target’s shopping spree. Then, our seasoned technicians will carry on a thorough analysis to decide your website requirements, the SEO activities to be followed here and in one line- the entire work plan.


We come up with thorough planning of your project keeping in mind your end user, i.e. your potential target and make sure that everything is done with a timely and cost-effective approach. We will decide on the areas to be worked out for the client’s website, as well as consult on the technologies to be used for your website. The cost factor is discussed too.

Design and Development

In this phase, we will normally design the navigation and layouts as prototype. Some of the customers might require a completely functional prototype where we will show them their site interactivity. However, we are also ready to show you 2-3 design options with images & navigation. The database team would sit with the clients to come up with sample data for your approval.

We will develop the client’s website with valid CSS/XHTML code which will comply to present web standards.The development works here would also include implementation of the different technologies/framework like PHP/MySQL.

Content Writing

We are armed with smart and seasoned content writers who are well equipped to write on quality contents regardless of the business type, bespoke with your specific keyword placement and frequency which would be really appealing for your prospects. We promise of a strong grammar and no spelling error for your contents.

Our advanced coders are well versed in the code and interface which won’t be interfering with the feel and look of your website or the application. Our coders always work in consultation with the designers to have an understanding of the design so that the coding can be executed without causing any hamper to the design. The coding team here generates essential testing plans plus technical documentation. We also provide for end-user documentation.


We are offering an intensive testing for your web applications. It includes stress testing, integration testing as well as verification of scalability, resolution, load and cross-browser flexibility of your website would be done before submitting you with the final delivery. We are providing for both error-free manual and automated testing. We are never tired of checking all the precautionary steps to assure that our clients are being delivered with the appropriate and most effective website.


We conduct every task necessary for your website promotion. It covers preparing the meta tags, the constant analysis & URL submission to directories and search engines. We keep ourselves updated with the major search engine algorithms so that we can help in your website promotion exactly according to the current expectations.

Maintenance and Updating

We know our clients might encounter bugs in future and whenever there is such a problem we are ever ready with our able maintenance support for the bug fixes. Ujas will help you with regular technical maintenance, then content management and updating as well as ongoing promotion to secure the dominant status for the client’s site on the search engines. Besides, we will even work to update the client’s website time to time so that you can always stay prepared, corrected and ahead of the curve.